Information about mamaraderie


Welcome to mamaraderie, where our foundation is based on camaraderie among moms, or as we like to call them...momrades. 

In this space, we are united. We stand together to change the modern motherhood narrative. We dismantle the idea that moms need to be self-less, guilt-ridden and overwhelmed to be good mothers. We believe in fair parenthood and raising each other up. We believe that anything is possible when we support one another. 

About the founders:

mamaraderie was born out of a collaboration between Shelbi De Silva and Ela Wojciechowska. Prior to working together, Shelbi operated Moms Hamilton, a community which connected new moms through in-person events, and Ela operated Sitterhood, an online platform which connected moms for occasional child care. Individually they were both working to revolutionize motherhood and make moms feel supported. And together, they are on a mission to unite moms for friendship and support through our location-based platform, and redefine the modern motherhood narrative.